OllyScript is no more...
Yes, new logo is coming...

OllyScript... is no more....

Well, it's pretty much a fact. OllyScript, as it looked like a couple of years ago, is dead. Still there has been some (lots!) of development efforts, most notably by Epsilon3, which is quite flattering. Overall the reception the plugin recieved in the reversing/malware analyst community surprized and flattered me. And it's always nice to bump into a forum post with a rar containing 600+ scripts attached.

Still, I feel it's time to move on. The scripting language I once invented isn't really convenient, my sources are gone (I actually had to ASK AROUND for my own source code ;) ), no version tracking exists or has ever existed.

So I've decided to write a new scripting plugin. Why not, right now I'm bored at work anyway. This time I'm going to use a real language called LUA, the updated source code will be awailable through SourceForge and the project is going to run more smoothly... I hope.

About the donation button - I really want my old OllyScript domain name back from the a$$holes who stole it.

Watch this page for updates! Oh, and I almost forgot, the project's name is hOllyLua!

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